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As a collective the most constant trait that correlates with the success of our client’s journey is: teach ability. Everyone comes to us with various levels of prior knowledge and understanding of wealth and investing, and it is the client who come to us ready to learn more, asking to be coached up and receptive to the feedback who really parts ways with poor decision making and starts to make better choices about their money. As our client, you can enjoy feeling empowered to make the habit of daily choices that get you experiencing  the Life you’ve envisioned.


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Our Accumulators are determined to be the first in their families to consciously commit to creating a generational wealth while enjoying a lifestyle filled with experiences. Maybe you have an inheritance coming, maybe all you have student loans instead. No matter your starting point, you can begin to make choices that get you closer to your goals. You can be powerful with your money! Our process, beginning with Envisioning the Life you’ve always Dreamed of is designed to give you the foundation to stand on as you make a conscious shift to make choices that include honoring your own heart’s desires without paying the price of going along with someone else's.

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These individuals have a dynamic influence within the family structure and we are honored to have more than 60 percent of our client base represented in this group. Generally, this individual has investable assets over 250k and have strong desires to leave an estate for their children, other family members or give to a charitable organization. Our women appreciate having a relationship with their properly registered Financial Advisor instead of being involved with transactional financial service companies. The Matriarchs often include their older children in our meetings, to teach them the benefits of investing and to begin building a relationship between us and their next generation. With this, we at LDW Consulting Group are pleased to navigate the financial affairs of our clients; we are wholly grateful for the relationships we build, the trust that has been established and maintained with each client.

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Civic leaders, Heads of Household and Congregations find community at LDW Consulting Group; connecting in their dedication to excellence while lifting up those around them. So many of our clients are planning for not only themselves but their families, their neighborhoods, their church. We nurture a giving heart here. As our client, your philanthropic nature and desire to bring others with you while you grow is not only something we understand but an honor to participate in. If you’re seeking to balance your generosity with self-care and preservation, this is where we come in! You can not pour from and empty cup or shine your brightest on a low-battery. Connect with us today to find out how we can support you in making decisions that are good for your and your tribe


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Business Owner

Business owners are often so focused on growing a successful business that they forget to address their own personal finances, leaving gaps in their financial plan, which can have serious financial consequences. Here at LDW Consulting Group, we can provide expert financial advice and highlight the opportunities uniquely available to you as a business owner. By ensuring your personal finances are looked after, you can enjoy the benefits of retirement planning, estate planning, philanthropy and more.

Call us! We create strategies that are tailored to your needs and goals. 

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The Next Act

Years of experience have prepared us to guide you through your life transitions. We like to remind people that we only want you to have to retire once - and you might be surprised how often that isn't the case. Whether you've been looking forward to this day since graduation from college or whether it managed to sneak up on you and you're not even sure what questions you have, we at LDW Consulting Group have retired dozens and dozens of clients. We've sat front row celebrating many success stories and taken thorough notes through reluctantly sending others their last dollars. All of this is for our and your learning - you come to us for both experiences so that yours can be everything you've designed. Reach out today to start envisioning your Next Act in Retirement.

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