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Lawrence Wimsatt

Lawrence Wimsatt

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERâ„¢ professional, Behavioral Financial Advisor

Lawrence Wimsatt has garnered nearly 20 years of experience in the Financial Industry, taking pride in coaching his clients to and through the retirement of their design. Lawrence has set himself apart in the industry as a Certified Financial Planner earning his CFPTM  certification and BFA® passionately educating and coaching his clients while helping to empower them to make better decisions leading them to live the life they’ve envisioned around the pursuit of their dreams and wealth.


As the son of an entrepreneur and business owner, Lawrence has always had dreams of his own. Dreams of owning a successful business, having a family, and visions of helping others –lots of others. Growing up, he contributed to the carpet cleaning portion of his family janitorial business and experienced the value of a dollar and hard work. With the passing of his father, his mother suddenly had to take care of their family on her own –at thirteen years old, he never gave up wanting to contribute to his family and community.

His career in the financial industry began with a personal dream to look after his mother and sister and now, 20 years later, he is the founder of a practice whose clients consist mostly of women; educating and empowering the moms and sisters of others, to envision and experience their own financial success.

Now, Lawrence clearly recognizes the significantly defining moments in his life – including the moment his mother realized her retirement savings and financial security was lost to the misguidance of financial professionals who had no personal interest in her well-being. As Lawrence empowered himself with a better understanding of wealth and investments, he came to understand the divide among men and women, financially; Lawrence learned how the lack of financial knowledge among women was a deep-seeded part of society and many women, like his own mother, are a tragedy away from financial devastation.


Starting as a registered representative at a national bank, later to be pursued and hired by Ameriprise Financial, the more success Lawrence experienced with the financial planning of his clients, the more he saw the value of his personal approach to planning. Combining what he learned while earning his Certified Financial Planner® certification, one of the highest that exists in this field, with the patience to listen to exactly what the client is looking to accomplish, he realized what he envisioned helping clients to achieve went far beyond the dollar.

Driven by the determination to prioritize his client needs over any other agenda, Lawrence started his own practice in 2010 partnered with one of the largest broker dealers in the nation. In 2013, that practice became LDW Consulting Group Inc. where you Envision, Empower & Experience your Life, Dreams, Wealth.


As a husband and a father, Lawrence has designed a life that allows him to live his dream of picking his two children up from school most days -taking them out to play and being a big kid with them. Lately, his clients have introduced him to some of his new favorite hobbies beyond his usual Dodger and USC football games, he enjoys fishing, dirt bike riding, paddle boarding and kayaking. Lawrence enjoys being a homeowner in Long Beach, California embracing the community there while being close enough to serve his childhood community of Windsor Hills, Los Angeles.

Lawrence's BFA Values: Health, Wealth, Meaningful Work, Flexibility